Who is SfornArte?

Thanks to the many partnerships we have made with large-scale food retailers, we are now able to offer our product to an ever-wider audience, expanding our distribution in a way that grows naturally, assisted by the intrinsic quality of the product.

We use exceptional flours, a range of different cereals and wholemeal grains, extra virgin olive oil, and no preservatives or anything else that could affect the final taste of the product. These are our basic values on from which all the decisions made by our company are based. Our name, SfornArte, expresses in one word the art (Arte) of oven baking (Sfornare). That is why we have invested in the quality of our personnel, raw materials and processes of production and distribution. Our market consists of consumers who seek the highest levels of satisfaction for the palate, and who are attentive to the nutritional aspects of what they eat, as well as the natural goodness of ingredients.

The choices made by SfornArte are therefore based on a balanced combination of research and investments that aim at quality and excellence, with the intention of bringing an innovative, competitive and accessible product to the market, which is appreciated due to its excellent flavour, freshness and healthiness.

The Pizza Sbagliata of SfornArte was created after a careful process of study and analysis of the market, in order to identify the tastes and requirements of regular consumers, but also of gourmets who love tradition while also appreciating an ability to evolve and innovate.