The ideal range of products for those who practice sports and prefer a healthy and well-regulated diet.
Sporty is a selection of high protein oven baked goods, with a low carbohydrate and high fibre content.Thanks to their particular recipe and ingredients, the Sporty PizzaKroc and the Sporty Bauletto loaf are perfect components in the diet of those who love well-being and who practice sports, without having to give up excellent taste, in the form of handy and practical packets that you can take with you anywhere.

If you love sports and want a healthy lifestyle, Sporty is perfect for you!

Maintain your daily energy levels.
Practical and nutritious, crunchy like pastry or soft like bread, the Sporty product line is ideal for taking to the gym, either as a quick energy snack or as bread, in the form of a loaf or handy slices, as part of a balanced protein-rich meal.

Sporty Fette Natura bread slices
and Sporty Bauletto loaf

More energy, more endurance,
fewer carbohydrates.

Wholemeal bread contains fewer carbohydrates than bread made with refined white flour and it has a lower glycemic index (GI). Research shows that physical stamina can be enhanced if you eat a meal with a low GI before taking strenuous exercise.


Crunchiness and

The crunchy PizzaKroc is the ideal product to carry around with you, in order to enjoy all the goodness of these thin wholemeal slices at any time of the day. Energy and well-being is now instantly accessible, with fewer carbohydrates and more proteins.

Energy and health
The essential ingredients of well-being.
Ingredients: WHOLEWHEAT flour (25%), water, WHEAT gluten, OAT and inulin vegetable fibres (9%), LUPINE, SOY and potato vegetable proteins (6%), OAT flakes, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, split SOY beans, brewer’s yeast, malt extract (BARLEY), lentil flour, RYE sourdough and salt. Coated with: OAT flakes, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and SESAME seeds.
Our Sporty product line
Without preservatives and without additives

Thanks to its 100% wholemeal ingredients, high in protein and with fewer carbohydrates, the Sporty range of products is ideal for those who love bread but who want a light diet.
This product satisfies the needs of all kinds of athletes and people who practice sports, thanks to the variety and quality of its ingredients.