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Make the SfornArte dishes and you will discover a selection of delicious dishes that will always please your family and dinner guests.

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Supplì alla ‘nduja.

Spicy and delicious!

Meatballs with mint, lemon and courgette flowers.
Exquisite meatballs with a hint of mint and lemon.

Supplì alla Amatriciana.

A combination of supplì rice-balls with Amatriciana sauce.

Timbale of grilled courgettes, salmon and potatoes.

A timbale that is simple to make but that tastes great, for everyone who loves traditional oven cooking.

Supplì al telefono with ragù.

The most classic variety of supplì with a simple meat sauce and a soft heart made of mozzarella, coated with SfornArte Panatura Croccante!