Crunchy, natural and always delicious!
Baked by hand with mother yeast and exclusively Italian wheat.

The PizzaKroc crispy thin slices of pizza are made with top quality ingredients, without preservatives or chemical additives, to give you all the crunchiness and taste of handmade pastry. They come in four different varieties: white, with olives, with rosemary and wholemeal, so you will discover the perfect one for you. They are ideal as a quick snack, as a light lunch, or to accompany an aperitif.

Take them with you, so they will always be there when you need a quick snack!

Open and enjoy
Where you like, when you like, with anyone you like!


Pure simplicity and lightness, ideal for any sweet or savoury combination, thanks to their exquisitely delicate taste.


A unique flavour thanks to the extra cereals that add to the crunchiness of the pastry. Perfect for any combination, especially with hard cheeses and mustard.

With rosemary

The combination of the Mediterranean taste of rosemary and the crunchy pastry is irresistible, and it is ideal with matured cheeses and cured meats.

With Olives

The savoury taste of green olives combined with the crunchy pastry is a winning blend of flavours. Perfect with a soft cheese spread on top.
Always take them with you.

Open and Enjoy!

All the goodness of a range of products made by hand with respect for tradition, with mother yeast and exclusively Italian wheat.

PizzaKroc has a taste that will always surprise you, as well as a unique fragrance and great versatility. The PizzaKroc crunchy pizza slices by SfornArte are practical and light, and they can be enjoyed anywhere, as a quick light lunch or as the protagonists of your aperitif.
Our PizzaKroc slices

Handbaked with
exclusively Italian mother
yeast and wheat

Light, tasty and always ready to eat!