Soft, fragrant and completely natural.
Baked by hand with mother yeast, extra virgin olive oil and exclusively Italian wheat. Our Pizza Sbagliata is made from an exclusive blend of wheat, soy and rice flours.

The attention to such details is what truly distinguishes the approach of SfornArte, and we bring only top quality products from the oven to the consumer.

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The classic white version of our Pizza Sbagliata.
This product is made with an exclusive blend of wheat, soy and rice flours. This is an exceptional pizza that you can either eat on its own or spice it up a bit, by adding ingredients on top or cutting it lengthwise to fill it like a sandwich. We invite you try it with savoury additions such as cold cuts (ham and salami), cheeses, vegetables or pickles, or with the sweetness of honey, fruit preserves or dark and milk chocolate. Whether you like this pizza-bread with sweet or savoury additions what really matters is that it is of the highest quality. This classic version of our  Pizza Sbagliata  is a truly excellent product, with an exceptional mix of carefully selected flours. The natural leavening process allows large bubbles to form in the dough while it is cooking, which increase the aroma and enhance the taste. The result is therefore irresistible, thanks to a perfect blend of genuine baking expertise, careful attention to detail and a desire to create the best possible pizza-bread. Thanks to the special dough and the use of extra virgin olive oil, our white multigrain pizza has a perfect balance between crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside. It is the perfect base for creating personalized pizzas according to your own taste and fantasy. It is therefore extremely versatile and it lends itself to many combinations, enhancing the taste of every extra ingredient you can imagine. To enjoy it at its best, heat it up in a preheated oven at 180°C for at least 4 minutes.
The version of  Pizza Sbagliata with italian tomato sauce and extra virgin olive oil.


You will discover a Pizza Sbagliata that is tasty and very versatile, with which you can experience a tantalizing combination of different flavours. This red pizza-bread is made with choice ingredients and a blend of flours inspired by the tradition of the Pinsa Romana. We only use fresh Italian tomato sauce, with the right amount of salt and extra virgin olive oil. The resultant dough is particularly elastic and soft, in a perfect blend with the added tomato sauce. With the tomato peels and seeds removed, this sauce is the perfect complement to a pizza-bread that is already exceptional. You can garnish and enrich this red pizza-bread by adding cooked ham, mozzarella and anchovies, a few leaves of fresh basil, or whatever else you like. For example, you could turn it into a Capricciosa by adding a topping of ham, mushrooms, artichokes and eggs. The sky is the limit for all the possible combinations you might like to try out! You will be able to create and enjoy a truly amazing pizza at home in just a few moments, or you can simply enjoy it as it is, because it is already delicious on its own!
By combining cereals with the pizza dough, you can get a Pizza Sbagliata with a fantastic new distinctive personality.
What gives our Pizza Sbagliata its exceptional qualities is the combination of several different cereals in the dough. Our fragrant Pizza Sbagliata is a particularly tasty treat for the palate and it has some very particular organoleptic properties. Its nutritional characteristics ​​are conserved thanks to the wholemeal milling process that preserves all the parts of the grain, in such a way that the Pizza Sbagliata is enriched by high quality fibre. The main component of these cereals is starch (70-75%), which is a complex sugar. This is followed by proteins, with a content that varies from 7 to 15% depending on the species of cereal. There is a low percentage of fats or oils is (18% in the germ of the grain), but a substantial presence of fibre, vitamins of the B group (B1, B2 and B3) and mineral salts (potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium). This is especially the case for wholegrain cereals, which contain these important nutritional elements, the regular consumption of which promotes healthy intestinal functioning and helps to reduce levels of cholesterol.
A pizza-bread rich in fibre thanks to the natural presence of bran.
Our wholemeal Pizza Sbagliata is a complete and healthy food. Just add your favourite sweet or savoury toppings, or eat it as it is, perhaps adding a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. . Try roasting it in the oven with smoked mozzarella, a little oil and sliced datterino cherry tomatoes. If you prefer a stronger flavour just add two or three anchovies! It is perfect when filled with savoury additions such as cold cuts (ham or salami), cheeses, vegetables or pickles, and it is ideal in combination with soft and fresh cheeses, such as buffalo mozzarella, and with thinly sliced ​​ham. The wholemeal variety of Pizza Sbagliata is made by adding a selected portion of the wholemeal flour, which makes it even more crispy and crunchy, and gives it a special rustic aroma. Wholemeal flour is the least refined kind of flour and it therefore has a higher fibre content, and is the most complete from a nutritional standpoint. This variety of pizza-bread, which combines a rustic flavour with all the benefits of wheat fibres and extra virgin olive oil, brings to your table a lighter and more easily digestible product with a unique and unmistakable flavour.
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