Quality is
our passion.
We use exceptional flours, a range of different cereals and wholemeal grains, extra virgin olive oil, and no
preservatives or anything else that could affect the final taste of the product. These are our basic values on from which all the decisions made by our company are based. Our name, SfornArte, expresses in one word the art (Arte) of oven baking (Sfornare). That is why we have invested in the quality of our personnel, raw materials and processes of production and distribution. Our market consists of consumers who seek the highest levels of satisfaction for the palate, and who are attentive to the nutritional aspects of what they eat, as well as the natural goodness of ingredients.
A line of products designed for all connoisseurs
of good food.
A range of competitively priced and easily available products, with the highest quality to ensure excellent flavour, freshness and healthiness.

Selected ingredients cooked by hand.

Passion for quality with no chemical additives.

Respect for tradition but with innovative recipes.

Welcome to the SfornArte world
Goodness above all else
Our products have outstanding recipes that are innovative, while also respecting culinary traditions. Click on the button below to discover our sales points.
Our pinsa bases
Always fresh, ready and fast
The pinsa base by SfornArte allows you to bring the taste of tradition to your table whenever you want. Give yourself the pleasure of a warm and fragrant pinsa, seasoned with your favourite toppings and flavours.
Just heat the oven, garnish and enjoy!
A closer look at
Our Focaccias
Made by hand with mother yeast and exclusively Italian wheat.

The focaccias of SfornArte are made with top quality ingredients, without preservatives or chemical additives, to give you all the softness and taste of a homemade focaccia.

Energy and health
The new Sporty product line

The ideal product for those who practice sports and prefer a healthy and well-regulated diet.
Sporty is a range of high protein baked products, with low carbohydrates and a high fibre content.