Soft, fragrant, completely natural.
Handmade with mother yeast and exclusively Italian wheat.

SfornArte’s focaccias are made with top quality ingredients, without any preservatives or chemical additives, to give you all the softness and great taste of a home-baked focaccia. With the choice between white, with olives, with cherry tomatoes or with onions, you are sure to find the right one for you. They are ideal as a quick snack, as a light lunch, or to accompany an aperitif.

Always take them with you!

Open and enjoy!
Where you like, when you like, with anyone you like!

White Focaccia

The perfect snack is a simple white focaccia. Excellent on its own, but also perfect with sweet or savoury additions. Always soft and fragrant, a white focaccia will never disappoint you!

With Olives

The savoury taste of olives makes this the perfect focaccia for accompanying an aperitif, such as a fine Prosecco wine, perhaps paired with a medium-aged cheese!

With Cherry tomatoes

The sweetness of cherry tomatoes enhances our focaccia to create an ideal snack for a quick, light and fresh lunch, but with a uniquely rich flavour.

With Onion

The strong but sweet flavour of white onions produces a unique combination that is perfect with matured cheeses and fruit mustards. You absolutely must give it a try.
Always take them with you.
Open and enjoy!
All the goodness of a range of products made by hand with respect for tradition, with mother yeast and exclusively Italian wheat.

Our focaccias have a taste that will always surprise you, as well as a unique fragrance and great versatility. The SfornArte focaccias are practical and light, and they can be enjoyed anywhere, as a quick light lunch or as the protagonists of your aperitif.

Our Focaccias

with exclusively Italian
mother yeast and wheat

Light, tasty and always ready to eat!